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Stand Out With Armor Asphalt

Armor Asphalt has been helping businesses stand out with amazing quality work since our corporation's founding in 2017. Our family-owned business thrives on our clients' satisfaction, and we pride ourselves on high-quality service and a friendly demeanor.


Now Offering Winter Snow Removal

A Kubota skidsteer shoveling snow off a parking lot in the winter.

We provide this essential service that helps businesses continue to operate during the winter months.


Snow plowing ensures the safety of visitors, the accessibility of your business, an inviting appearance, and sometimes compliance with local laws requiring ice and snow cleared from properties.

Contact us or read our article about snow removal to learn more.

Our Services

Commercial Paving

At Armor Asphalt, our team of experts specialize in providing top-quality commercial asphalt paving services for parking lots and subdivisions. Whether you're in need of a new construction or an overlay project, we offer free quotes to help you get started.


Mastic Asphalt Repair

A long-term budget-saving pavement maintenance product, Mastic is asphalt with polymer-modified thermoplastic binder to stay in place and preserve your investment. Mastic is ideal for repairing cracks, potholes, alligatoring, and most damage to asphalt.


Preserve your parking lot or driveway, protecting it from oxidization and elements that can deteriorate and destroy it. Sealcoating provides an Armor barrier, protecting your investment from the sun, water, oil, fuel and other chemicals.


Commercial Striping

We offer new design and layout, and re-striping of existing lots. We understand the importance of a properly striped lot, which not only improves public safety but also creates an attractive and inviting appearance that will encourage customers to use it.

Partnered with Industry Experts

The Highest Rated Asphalt Company
in Northeast Arkansas


"Armor Asphalt recently sealed and striped a parking lot next to my business. That business owner informed me that Armor Asphalt did the work. When I called and asked about the "new" job next door, Kent informed me it was completed over 7 months ago. WOW! My parking lot was resurfaced 5 years ago and needed some love. I wanted to protect my investment; it was time to get a new sealcoat and repair some small cracks. The Armor Asphalt team showed up when promised and worked around my hours of business to complete the job with minimal interruption. Stripes are perfectly straight, edges of sealcoat are accurate and not splattered over sidewalks, and repaired cracks are smooth. This job looks great and I know it will endure after seeing the work done for the business next door. Thanks Kent and crew! Money well spent!"



“We are so happy with Armor Asphalt!  I have never owned an asphalt drive, so I called 3 companies for quotes and information.  The only company that would come out face-to-face was Armor Asphalt.  Kent came out and explained the whole process to me – very impressive!  In a few days, the crew came out and did a FANTASTIC JOB!!!  My driveway is huge and was a real eyesore.  Now it looks great!  Very pleased with the whole process and definitely recommend them.”


“Kent and his crew were easy to work with and seemed very knowledgeable.  They were able to work around our ever-changing schedule and still managed to get our parking lot completed in a timely manner.  The end product is very pleasing and has added to the exterior of our facility.  We would recommend Kent and Armor Asphalt to anyone in need of asphalt work.



Excellence in Every Project

We consistently achieve our highest standards in every project we undertake. We pride ourselves on our meticulous attention to detail and ADA compliance, from clean, crisp edges to a flawless finish. Trust Armor Asphalt to turn the ordinary into extraordinary with our top-quality asphalt services.

5.0 (20+)

Arkansas Commercial Contractor License #042908

Get Your Project Started Today

Are you ready to get your construction project started? Contact us today for a free quote and let's make it happen!

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