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Asphalt Paving Costs Estimator

Use this tool to estimate asphalt compaction, tons of asphalt material needed, and the total cost of a paving project. Asphalt is compacted 1/4" for every 1", so if you need 2" of asphalt put down, then you will want to enter 2 1/2". Below, you should enter your desired depth and the estimated square feet of the area to be paved.

The cost of the asphalt per ton varies based on multiple factors, including:

  • The asphalt plant's current price (roughly $50-$100/ton)

  • The cost of hauling the asphalt to the jobsite

  • Whether you're going to have the asphalt professionally installed (roughly $100-$300/ton)

    • Which further depends on the profitability of the job, e.g. lower cost per ton the larger the job.​

    • And many more factors...


This tool is only intended to provide a rough estimate of material costs for an asphalt paving project, and does not relate in any way to how Armor Asphalt would quote the job. 

Average Depth in Inches

Area in Square Feet

Cost of Asphalt Per Ton

2 inches of compacted asphalt

1.25 tons

$125.00 ($1.25/sqft)

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